Emergency Dental Appointments

Reasons for Urgent Emergency Dental Appointments

At Burgess & Hyder Dental Group, we offer same-day emergency dental appointments for a variety of oral health issues that require immediate care.


If you have a badly bitten tongue, cheek or lip that won’t stop bleeding, or if you notice unexplained bleeding in your mouth then please contact us as this could indicate conditions such as gum disease or gingivitis.


Swelling and soreness on the gums may mean that you have an infection or an abscess. An abscess can lead to other health issues and damage the teeth and gums, so it’s important to come and see for us treatment. While you wait for your emergency dental appointment, rinsing your mouth with saltwater can help to reduce pain.


This requires an emergency dental appointment if you are experiencing severe pain or have swelling or a fever. While waiting for your appointment, you can help reduce any pain by taking pain relief medication and pressing a cold compress against the affected area.

Tooth Loss

If one of your teeth has been knocked out or fallen out then we may be able to put it back if you see us as soon as possible. The window for this is approximately two hours, after which it is unlikely the tooth will take root again. To travel to the practice, either place the tooth back in the socket or in cold milk.

In case of emergency outside opening hours on evenings, weekends and bank holidays please call 111.

Non-Urgent Dental Complaints

Damaged Tooth

If your tooth has been broken or cracked but does not have any sharp fragments that could be harmful and you are not in pain, then it is important to still come in for care but this is not considered to be an emergency. Options for fixing it include fillings, crowns or root canal treatment.

Lodged Item

If you have food stuck between your teeth that is causing pain and discomfort and you can not safely remove it yourself with floss or a toothpick then please contact us to remove it.

Lost Crown or Filling

If this occurs, please visit us in order to avoid further harm to the tooth. While waiting for your appointment, you can place a piece of softened chewing gum in the location of the lost filling.

If you need an emergency dental appointment, please call your closest practice.










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